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iKidsCode solves two critical issues facing our youth:

  • We educate our students on how to safely use the internet and other online application.

  • We fill a gap in our education system by providing a proprietary coding and robotics curriculum that adheres to state and international standards.

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iKidsCode is preparing our youth to fill a significant gap
in our workforce. In 2016, there were over 500,000 open computing jobs nationwide
while the United States had only 42,969 computer science students graduated
into the workforce.

Did you know, according to code.org that:
“90% of parents want their child to learn computer programming
however only 40% of schools offer computer programming.”

Why iKidsCode?

  • Computer Science Skills – coding and robotics knowledge and experience is a necessity for our youth and grows increasingly important given our societies increase reliance on technology.

  • Digital Citizenship – Internet Safety and Social Media Etiquette are woven into our classes to ensure our students know how to stay safe and act appropriately.

  • Curriculum – iKidsCode has developed an industry-leading curriculum that has been tested and is regularly enhanced to ensure our students are learning “state of the art” technology skills.

  • Standards – our curriculum adheres to both state standards and international coding standards.

  • Education System – in general, our education system is not nimble enough to provide this type of instruction to our youth.

  • Instructors – all of our instructors go through an instructor certification process and our instructors are a mix of educators, college students studying education and technology professionals.

  • Scale – our approach to selecting, training and mentoring our instructors is unlike any in the industry. Each instructor goes through an intensive certification process and is paired with an instructional mentor.

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating
each other, the teacher is the most important.”


iKidsCode instructors go through a rigorous training program
designed to ensure our students are motivated and engaged.