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iKidsCode was founded in 2014 when the youngest son of the co-founder asked if how he could learn “how to code”.   We quickly learned that there was a significant void in our education system and a large demand related to teaching our youth about computer science, coding and robotics.  In our first year, over 2,000 students participated in our programs.

When researching internationally, we learned that other, less develop countries are far ahead of the United States in regards to developing and rolling out this type of curriculum.  We continue to see this play out in today’s workforce with large organizations like Apple, Google and Amazon importing their coding and technology talent from outside of the United States.  Said plainly, US based technology jobs are being filled with talent outside of the US and this gap will continue to grow.

We also learned that the current computer science, coding and robotics providers in the market place tend to fall into one of two categories (1) video game based instruction which lacks students learning foundation coding skills or (2) instruction is led by coding experts with little to no experience in education and/or leading classrooms.

With this in mind, we created our company to have the goal of providing the BEST computer science, coding and robotics learning environment for our students.  We’ve done this by focusing on two main areas (Curriculum and Instructors):


Since our inception, iKidsCode has focused solely on developing our proprietary and industry leading computer science, coding and robotics curriculum. Our team used the following guiding principles when developing our curriculum:

  1. Student safety – our priority is to ensure students know how to safely use the internet and other online applications.  Woven into all of our classes are lessons on internet safety and social media etiquette. This has been developed to also include student-led dialog with their parents.
  2. Develop and maintain a market leading curriculum – our curriculum meets and exceeds state/international standards. Additionally, our curriculum is flexible enough to be customized to individual schools based on topics or subjects each school is studying and is easily modified to include the latest trends in technology.


Instructors make a difference.  In fact, often times our “favorite” teachers are often the teachers that taught us the most.  With this in mind, we put a tremendous amount of time, energy and resources to identifying and training our instructors.  Each instructor must complete and pass an intensive iKidsCode certification process.  For experienced teachers, our focus is on ensuring they have the appropriate level of computer science, coding or robotics knowledge.  For our experience technology professionals that are new to the classroom, we ensure they have the appropriate level of student engagement and classroom management skills to effectively manage the classroom.

Additionally, each instructor is given an experienced iKidsCode mentor to work with throughout the school year.  The mentors role is to provide coaching and feedback to our new instructors and ensure they are meeting and exceeding our instructor standards.

Our Mission

We are facilitating the growth and development of the next generation of technology innovators and leaders by providing our students with the tools to think critically, design creatively, and problem-solve in ways that will empower them to make an impact on the future.

Our Vision

iKidsCode is a leader in educating today’s youth on coding, web design, app design, and robotics while developing essential leadership skills that allow them to communicate in a competitive global market.