Jazz Cano

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Jazz Cano

Curriculum Specialist

After graduating from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Education with a focus on science and STEM, I taught middle school science for two years, before moving into a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) position in our school’s Makerspace. I now teach Engineering and Coding to middle school students of all levels, incorporating digital and physical design, circuitry, hands-on creation, coding of various facets, and augmented/virtual reality. 

I also assist other teachers in using technology and STEM in their classroom to fit the needs of their students and help diversify their classroom. Technology is a passion of mine, and I make it a goal to spread the wonders of technology to children and adults alike, and show what was previously not possible and do what simply could not be done in education before.

As the Curriculum Specialist, it is my mission to collaborate, create, and enhance our diverse curriculum to make engaging and supportive lessons that align to various state and technology standards. As a STEM coding teacher, I bring a unique perspective in digital and technological expertise to help ensure that our curriculum is created and presented in a way that ensures all students are successful and engaged, so that they may be prepared for the world of technology that their future holds.