Sara Long

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Sara Long

Director of Operations

I graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2016 with by Bachelors degree in Accounting.   My background is centered mainly in the nonprofit sector.   Through a non-profit organization called Project Transformation, I had the opportunity to cultivate leadership, celebrate diversity, serve our community, and develop literacy in children through programming and relationships.  Through AmeriCorps Public Allies, I also had the honor of working with schools and their surrounding neighborhoods in order to bridge the relationship gap between the two.  We were able to construct engagement events, meet life needs, and provide supports for these families. The relationships that were developed enabled us to help create a sustainable, caring community.  

As the Director of Operations, it is my mission to continue to develop relationships between iKidsCode, schools, and parents.  These relationships can lead us to continue to create a thriving atmosphere that cultivates each student’s growth and creativity.  I strive to find the best Instructors to teach our students.  I aim to fully support our Instructors in order to ensure that they are fully equipped to educate our students.   

Some of my hobbies include jam sessions with my fellow musicians.  I also enjoy hiking and exploring the diverse Arizona landscape with my husband.