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According to, 90% of parents want their child to learn computer science. Are you one of them?

The classes at  iKidsCode prepare your child with the necessary skills they will need for a future that does not exist! The curriculum at iKidsCode is intentional about providing every child the opportunity to Explore, Create, and Collaborate using technology. We offer chances for your child to learn and develop very important skills for the 21st century including Digital Citizenship, Computer Skills, and Coding Languages using engaging classroom strategies.

Digital Citizenship

It is necessary that your child learn about how to safely engage in the constantly evolving technological space. Each class is facilitated by a trained teacher who will help your child learn how to safely navigate the Internet and effectively create and share projects in our digital world. The curriculum at iKidsCode emphasizes the following areas:

  • Students will manage and maintain a positive digital identity

  • Learners engage in safe and ethical social interactions online

  • Students understand the rights and obligations involved with using and sharing intellectual property

  • Everyone will practice maintaining digital privacy and security

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Computer Skills

No matter what skills your child comes to iKidsCode with, it is our promise that we will find out what you child can do and elevate their computer skills. Skills involve the following:

  • Typing for an intended audience

  • Navigating the Internet using the search bar and specific browsers

  • Identifying safe websites for information

  • Downloading and saving images from the Creative Commons

Coding Languages

iKidsCode offers a proprietary curriculum that is progressive and specifically designed to systematically build from one coding language to the next. Depending on the level of experience, children as young as kindergarten can learn the foundational elements of programing a computer through visual based programming languages. As students deepen their understanding of how to communicate with computers students will be offered more advanced syntax-based languages. Each semester is an opportunity for your child to work on authentic projects geared towards utilizing their knowledge using specific languages selected and embedded in that course. As students work their way through the entire curriculum, they will gain a deep understanding of several of the following computer coding languages:

  • Scratch Jr.

  • Scratch

  • HTML

  • Python

  • Java Script

  • iOS

Engaging Classroom Strategies

The classroom environment at iKidsCode is created to cultivate authentic learning experiences that foster students’ natural desires to explore and communicate. Each class, students learn computer science content through strategies such as:

  • Game-based learning

  • Structured discussions

  • Teacher explanations and models

  • Project planning and revising structures

  • Arts Integration strategies – simulations, role playing, drawing, and gestures

  • Authentic presentations

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