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We offer opportunities for students to learn the necessary skills they will need for a future that does not exist! The curriculum at iKidsCode is intentional about providing every child the opportunity to Explore, Create, and Collaborate using technology. We offer chances for your child to learn and develop very important skills for the 21st century including Digital Citizenship, Computer Skills, and Coding Languages using engaging classroom strategies.

Computer Science Skills

  • Computing Systems

  • Networks and the Internet

  • Data Analysis

  • Algorithms and Programming

  • Impacts of Computing

Visit CSTA for more information on Computer Science Concepts

Digital Citizenship

  • Students will manage and maintain a positive digital identity

  • Learners engage in safe and ethical social interactions online

  • Students understand the rights and obligations involved with using and sharing intellectual property

  • Everyone will practice maintaining digital privacy and security

Visit for more information on Standards for Students

Foundations of Coding

  • Scratch Jr.

  • Scratch

  • HTML

  • Python

  • Java Script

  • iOS

Visit for more information on block based coding

Research-Based Instructional Strategies

  • Authentic Learning Experiences

  • Game-based learning

  • Structured discussions

  • Teacher explanations and models

  • Project planning and revising structures

  • Arts Integration strategies – simulations, role playing, drawing, and gestures

  • Authentic presentations

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