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At iKidsCode your child will be a part of a community of learners, critical thinkers, collaborators, and creators as they prepare to enter the 21st century education track and job market!  In each class at iKidsCode, your child will learn programming structures and coding features that will allow them to become immersed in authentic coding experiences.   Although our focus is on coding, we also teach our students basic computer science themes and concepts, including:

  • How computers work (chips, cpus, memory, disks)

  • How the internet works (ip address, routing , ethernet, wifi)

  • How software works (what is a program, what is “running”)

  • How structured data works

  • Computer security: viruses, trojans, and passwords

iKidsCode activities and discussions are specifically designed to help your child learn how to be safe and responsible digital citizens. Classes will emphasize internet and digital safety while navigating the internet and social media.

iKidsCode believes that your child comes to class with a wealth of knowledge and experiences that will help them understand and relate to computer science concepts. This is why it is a priority that our instructors are certified and trained to meet your child where they are at and challenge them to reach the next level of understanding.

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