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Information for School Districts

  • iKidsCode is a full service curriculum company that is here to aid schools and districts in implementing authentic and engaging computer science curriculum in alignment with your mission and values.

  • Teachers are supported while helping their students think critically and creatively, problem-solve, and collaborate.

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Standards-Based Curriculum

  • Curriculum units are built in a progressive format that align to state and national computer science standards.

  • Lessons are designed to build on digital and technology skills and competencies.

  • Content integration strategies intentionally implement Best Practices for creating authentic learning environments that embed computer science into existing reading, math, science, and social studies curriculum.

  • Students learn to transfer their knowledge about variables, loops, conditional statements, broadcasts, and coordinate grids to authentic projects and problems.

  • Curriculum is differentiated to meet the needs of students in grades K-8.

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Teacher Support and Professional Development

  • iKidsCode’s curriculum is designed to support all teachers, with varying technology comfort levels, while providing the space to make decisions based on classroom and student dynamics.

  • Professional development opportunities strategically train and support teachers in the implementation process.

  • Ongoing coaching and collaboration time allow for specific growth and development for teacher and student performance.

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Data Analysis and Targeted Instruction

  • iKidsCode works to meet school and district needs by working with schools to analyze testing data to create a fully customizable curriculum that helps fill gaps in student achievement.

Community Partnerships

  • iKidsCode will partner with local community organizations to systematically raise money for technology and curriculum needs.

After-school and Evening Computer Science Classes

  • Students extend their knowledge and understanding of computer science in a fun and engaging club environment.

  • Students learn digital safety while practicing their computer skills and coding languages to create digital stories, websites, apps, and computer games.

  • Students see their personal growth and progress by creating online digital portfolios.

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Coding and Robotics Camps

  • Holiday and summer enrichment camps extend students’ learning of foundational computer science concepts in areas of coding, robotics, web design, and app development.

  • Students participate in intensified programs that develop coding skills through authentic problems and projects.

  • Students learn troubleshooting and critical thinking strategies to debug the code.

  • Students engaging in building and coding robots for specific purposes.

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