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See what people are saying about iKidsCode!

The curriculum from iKidsCode is absolutely user friendly. iKidsCode engages students with lessons they love and relates to their everyday lives.

iKidsCode Teacher from Lone Mountain Elementary

I didn’t want to come to class, but now I think this is the best thing I’ve ever done at school.

Student at Heritage Elementary

Working with kids and showing them ways technology can help them with their education and someday, their careers, has been so fulfilling!

iKidsCode Teacher at Candeo Schools

I just coded an entire game in one day!

Student at Norterra Canyon Elementary

The curriculum is easy for teachers to implement & student engagement is high as they learn and explore coding.

Curtis Smith , Principal - Peoria, AZ

Our teachers and students love iKidsCode.  Teachers found the curriculum easy to implement and students were consistently engaged in creative problem-solving activities.

Laurie Little, Principal - Peoria, AZ

Trey Larsen – Race Game

Tyler Jagels – Maze Game